QCT Charlotte Daily City Tour -- FAQ's


Can I just show up for a tour?

No. All guests require reservations Click here for additional information!

Is there much walking involved on your driving tours?

No. Most of the tour is riding; however, we do make a mid-tour stop for bathroom break, souvenirs, and/or snacks on our 2¼-hour driving tours.

How many people are normally on a tour?

Our daily tours are designed for smaller more personalized groups and typically carry groups of no more than 13 unless it’s during a major event or convention.

What size vehicles do you use?

The size and type vehicle we used is determined by the number of guests on that particular tour. If you require additional space you may purchase additional seats or book a private group tour. You can now provide your own vehicle and hire one of our professional Step-On Guides.

Are your tours conducted rain or shine?

We only postpone a driving tour due to ice on the ground or major storms/tornadoes. Walking tours are not conducted during any type inclement weather.

What is the fastest way to get on one of your tours?

The fastest way of getting on one of our tours is to contact us early by sending your request online. Please furnish a good email address and your mobile phone number so that we can contact you with availability and provide you with payment options. If it is the day before or day of the tour text us at 704-890-5195 for availability; if we do not text you back that means we are busy assisting other guests and may not have availability.

How can I increase my chances of getting your tour on my date and time?

All tours are subject to availability as determined by guests demand. To ensure that your date and time is available you can reserve early and meet the minimum guest requirement, or pay for additional seats/spots, or invite other guests using our “share” buttons on each page, or you can now hire one of our professional Step-On Guides.

What is the main difference between your tour and other tours?

Experience! We have conducted more professionally-guided daily tours of Charlotte than any other company. In fact, we have 15 years MORE experience than our most experienced competitor so do the math -- More Experience=More Content=More Bang for Your Buck!

Is there any such thing as a certified guide?

Unfortunately no. There is no official certification process of becoming a tour guide in Charlotte; as such you must apply due diligence in choosing who you spend your hard-earned money. It takes at least 10 years of professional experience to conduct a worthwhile tour of Charlotte!

Why are you not members of Visit Charlotte and does that matter?

Absolutely not! A "paid" membership in Visit Charlotte has absolutely NO bearing on the level of tour that you and your guests will experience! In fact, we have been conducting tours over a decade longer than that organization has been in existence. Please check with the Better Business Bureau for a more independent review of any company.

Why are your competitors' rated higher in Trip Advisor?

Trip Advisor is a good consumer-based open-sourced review site which is somewhat useful, however, should not be used as your sole source of information on a company or service. In addition, please proceed with caution if a "new" company displays an unusually high and frequent list of favorable testimonials. There is a good chance that some of those accolades have been coerced and possibly fabricated to make up for a lack of a long track record of success.

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

Yes, we offer child and senior discounts as listed on our rates page. In addition, we run special promotions during the year as well as 50% OFF gift certificates during the Christmas season. The best way to keep up with all of our discounts is to "like" us on our Facebook page or sign up for our email list.

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